PC's, laptops, CRT monitors etc contain carcinogenic chemicals such as lead, mercury and cadmium,

Below is some resources to help you recycle these products in an environmentally friendly way so these dangerous chemicals do not end up in our landfill.

The below resources are free and can also be used for recycling other products as well.


1. Try re-selling using sites such as ebay & The Trading Post.

*** Click on pictures to go to the websites.

2. Melbourne freecycle is a user group where unwanted items can be given away for free. Any items can be posted from computers, to fridges & house bricks. Also any items can be collected for free if you are fast enough to respond.

3. Moone Ponds - Recycling Centre

188 Holmes Road

Moonee Ponds (Melway Ref: 28 D6)

Ph: 9243 8888


Other useful recycling links:

Recycling rechargable and single use batteries for remote controls and other devices

  If you are looking for an environment friendly PC, or would like to check on other recycling options please contact INO Computers for assistance.  
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